Wednesday, June 29, 2011

trip to the er.

yes, that's right to the emergency room. a little accident in the bathroom happened today. not #1 or #2, a real accident. sophie slipped and got a boo boo on her chin. my stomach is still turning just thinking about it. just like all accident it happened so fast. a split second. but in my head it's in slow motion on repeat. aaaah! i was right next to her! i was right there!
a lot of things were going through my head. 1.) i didn't know where the nearest hospital was 2.) we don't have insurance 3.) how on earth am i going to drive with her crying and bleeding in the backseat. and mind you while all this was happening, i was soaking wet and had nothing on but a towel.
so what i really did was 1.) pressed on the cut to stop the bleeding 2.) called my husband to tell him to come home asap 3.) called 911.
i was panicking inside but stayed calm for sophie. i think that really helped a lot. she stopped crying and we waited for the paramedics? i did not know who to expect. apparently the cops came, the fire rescue and emt. total of 6 people. and they came so fast - less that 3 mins i think. anyway, as soon as they saw her, they were like "oh she's fine, just take her to the er" and i was like "how does this work? do we go in the ambulance?" i know, silly me. their response was, "do you drive? the hospital is located...."
we waited for i would say 2 hours at the er for sophie to get the stitches. and let me tell you, my baby is one brave 3 year old. she didn't even cry one bit throughout the whole procedure. i could tell she was very scared because she was shaking. i have no words to describe how proud i am. like i am so proud of her. the attending doctor and nurses were all impressed. she was the best patient they had all week. i even received some words of praise myself. (there was a voice inside me saying "oh yeah, i'm the mama!") after 7 stitches later, we were finally outta there. sophie got 6 stickers for being so good. 5 for her, 1 for me and 1 for daddy.
 and here she is having a milk shake (we promised her ice cream). good as new!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

tracing letters.

one of the activities that sophie loves is writing. i started letting her write about a year ago. she loves it so much that sometimes the only way i could make her stop is if the daylight is out. she also has her own pocket folder where she keeps everything. she gets so excited to show off what she did. there's a lot of websites out there where you can download writing worksheets but i my go-to site is this just because it's has the right amount of space and there are images she can color too. i also downloaded this tracing font so that i can make custom worksheets like her name and stuff.
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