Wednesday, June 29, 2011

trip to the er.

yes, that's right to the emergency room. a little accident in the bathroom happened today. not #1 or #2, a real accident. sophie slipped and got a boo boo on her chin. my stomach is still turning just thinking about it. just like all accident it happened so fast. a split second. but in my head it's in slow motion on repeat. aaaah! i was right next to her! i was right there!
a lot of things were going through my head. 1.) i didn't know where the nearest hospital was 2.) we don't have insurance 3.) how on earth am i going to drive with her crying and bleeding in the backseat. and mind you while all this was happening, i was soaking wet and had nothing on but a towel.
so what i really did was 1.) pressed on the cut to stop the bleeding 2.) called my husband to tell him to come home asap 3.) called 911.
i was panicking inside but stayed calm for sophie. i think that really helped a lot. she stopped crying and we waited for the paramedics? i did not know who to expect. apparently the cops came, the fire rescue and emt. total of 6 people. and they came so fast - less that 3 mins i think. anyway, as soon as they saw her, they were like "oh she's fine, just take her to the er" and i was like "how does this work? do we go in the ambulance?" i know, silly me. their response was, "do you drive? the hospital is located...."
we waited for i would say 2 hours at the er for sophie to get the stitches. and let me tell you, my baby is one brave 3 year old. she didn't even cry one bit throughout the whole procedure. i could tell she was very scared because she was shaking. i have no words to describe how proud i am. like i am so proud of her. the attending doctor and nurses were all impressed. she was the best patient they had all week. i even received some words of praise myself. (there was a voice inside me saying "oh yeah, i'm the mama!") after 7 stitches later, we were finally outta there. sophie got 6 stickers for being so good. 5 for her, 1 for me and 1 for daddy.
 and here she is having a milk shake (we promised her ice cream). good as new!

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  1. omg i got so teary reading this, i was so scared.
    i'm so happy shes alright :')!!

    arghh so sad!!!!! i probably would've cried like a baby! i'm so proud of her! love you guys!


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