Wednesday, May 18, 2011

trip to the pet store.

sophie left her little fishie, ponyo in ny, so we promised her that we would get a new one especially after going to the aqaurium over the weekend. luckily we live 5 mins away from petco. they have tons of fish but we decided to go with the betta fish.
a year ago, we bought sophie 4 cychlids and a bottom feeder and for some reason they all ended up floating. so we got one flower horn  fish instead. even though the fish are inexpensive, the actual tank and all the accessories can get a little pricey if you add it all up. so last christmas, j got sophie a gold betta fish. and let me tell you it never dies! and it's so easy to maintain. we change the water once a month and sometimes we even forget to feed her. ooops.
we got ponyo along with the little container (it comes with the rocks and a plastic plant), food and the water conditioner for $35.00. not bad right?
well here in miami, we got blu with everything for only $14.00!! booyah! now sophie got her job back. she loves feeding time!

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  1. That is quite the pet stores!! Very cool pictures. We don't have pet stores like that here. And the price? Amazing deal. :)


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