Tuesday, May 17, 2011

day at the playground.

these are some of the pix from yesterday. i think the breakfast themed playground is adorable. i forgot to mention on my previous post a trick that i came up with (i think i came up with it ahaha) that helps a lot. the concept of minutes - time out for five minutes, we're leaving in 10 minutes, you know what i'm saying. i just tell sophie "we're leaving in 10 minutes" and then i leave her be, come back and tell her "10 minutes is up, time to go". viola!
now that the discipline issue is over with, there's another new one. well this is more an issue for me. i noticed most of the kids at the playground are boys. nope that's not the issue. sophie is used to that. her cousins in new york are mostly boys and the kids at our ny church are mostly boys too. it's when a girl arrives a the playground, naturally sophie will try to play with her. what do you do when they don't want to play with your child? nothing, you can't do anything. btw, sophie is so cute when she waves and says "hi, i'm sophie, do you want to play??!" that's my baby! anyway, kids are kids. i think other parents know that too. they don't take anything personal. right????
but what if they are rude and unfriendly to your child? now what do you do? i'm talking about a five year old ignoring my daughter's "hi, i'm sophie, do you want to play?' sophie even said "i like you shoes" and then only to receive a rude "no!" along with the hand and sticking her tongue out. like what the..... my heart was crushed.
but anyway, sophie didn't care. that's why i said in the beginning it's not an issue. sophie went back playing with the boys.

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