Friday, March 11, 2011

1 dress = a fab skirt + ribbon pearl necklace.

for some reason i can not let go of this dress because this is the dress sophie wore after her dedication. plus it's so pretty and girly. this is size 3-6 so definitely not going to fit her even if i tried to. it also has a small stain so i can't give it away either. so i guess that leaves me no choice but to... refashion!!!! this is such an easy diy. i love making sophie's clothes last longer.  
the other day i turned the bottom half of the dress into a skirt with an elastic waist. no tutorial on that because it's like a no brainer. i did try putting the bow back on but that didn't work out just because the material is so slippery. being me i hang on to all the scrap fabrics. today sophie broke the pendant on one of her faux pearl necklaces. ding! i just got inspired to make a bow necklace. tutorial coming up!

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