Wednesday, April 6, 2011

big announcement.

we are moving to south florida!!!!!!!!!! how's that for adventure?!
this is why i haven't been blogging lately. we just found out last thursday that we have to be there in 2 weeks. two. weeks. everyone's excited! i'm so excited!
we went apt. hunting over the weekend. and it's not as easy as we thought it would be. no one wants a short term lease. or it's not pet friendly. i'm still looking. or else we're going to be homeless in miami!
wow relocating is tough! although i am very curious to find out how many boxes and suitcases it will take to fit our lives in. because i'm pretty much packing everything we own. and i mean eh-ve-ry-thing. how crazy is that!?
since thursday i have been super happy and excited to being super scared and then excited again.... and now i'm super stressed because i'm packing everything to destination nowhere!
anyway, here are some pictures from last weekend in our fancy smanshy suite.
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