Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my job interview.

i’ve always pictured myself as a working girl. new york city, dressed to the 9s, stilettos, weekends at central park, soho and meatpacking district, loft apartment in downtown manhattan. i guess you could say i’ve done everything but the loft apartment. i loved my job! i mean how can you not? company paid lunch with clients, hanging out with ceos, meeting celebs and politician, closing deals, happy hour. the next thing i know i’m a sahm. in florida. supporting husband at work while i stay home and make a new recipe for dinner and decorate the house. nothing bad about that. it’s pretty darn good thing to be out of the workforce. and what's more awesome is that i get to spend all my time with sophie. no complaints here.

but then last week happened. i got a job interview. phone and face to face. the first one in years and i’m talking about a decade. i started to think maybe i could get a job, maybe i could use that 10 years of experience for something else besides homeschooling sophie,  maybe this is my chance to have a career again.

it took awhile for my mind to adjust and see myself as someone other than an awesome mom. (because all moms are awesome lol) the idea of working again. it’s just that i knew from the moment i resigned that I will be back working again. eventually. and unconsciously i’ve been scared of that day to come.

the phone interview was so unexpected. seriously. some of the questions were: tell me more about your work experience. specific questions about my work experience. where do you see yourself 5 years from now? what are your plans in life?

then I was scheduled to have a face to face interview. 3 people interview me. give me some examples where you were creative and went beyond your position as a…. what can you offer our company?

then i was taken to the actual work floor to have an idea of what my typical day to day will be like and to get a feel of the work environment. then onto to the next interview. why should we hire you? what can you offer that other candidates don’t have? why this position? what is you ideal job? they made me sell some random things on the table (uniball and nail cutter) what do you think is the most important factor to successful in this position? weakness? what do you know about our company. if we call your former employer right now give me 5 words that he would use to describe you. what if we call him right now and he says 5 different words, how would you react?

the whole interview took 2.5 hours and these questions are probably just half. i seriously don't even remember anymore. after the interview i came out of that building with a new found confidence and big smile on my face. job interviews are nerve racking! which is part of the reason why i've gone m.i.a. from blogging and all that for nothing. i thought i did great! of course i prayed like crazy in the car and sure enough god never fails. 

i wish i could tell you that i got the job and i'm now a working mommy but i never got a call. i'm not going to lie and say i'm not disappointed. but what can i do, it's not meant to be. like my hubs always say god has a better plan for me. you hear that??! a better one! in fact i'm happy that i did good. after all i really wanted that job and i can't begin to imagine what could be better than that.

check AYAZINE to see what i wore to the interview.

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