Tuesday, March 15, 2011


last weekend, daddy-oh was staying at the maritime hotel in the city for work. on saturday, sophie and i went to visit him and boy was it an adventure!
we were planning on leaving the house bright and early at 8:00am. it's either i slept through my alarm or it wasn't set up properly. we ended up leaving at 9:30am.
we drove all the way to my sis and mom's apt in sunnyside to park the car and take the train. after a quick hello we headed for the 7 train. and of course 7 train wasn't running. had to take the Q32 bus. and of course we got on the wrong bus. luckily, the driver was so nice and he let us off at the subway stop to take the E train. and of course there's no E train so we took the R train instead and the only transfer we can make is at times square!! my biggest fear! sophie is 3 and she doesn't use a stroller anymore. that was the longest transfer i've ever done in my life. so many people!!! and everyone's so fast! we were like dumb and dumber holding up traffic. (scooter scene)
finally got to 14th st. and on our way to the hotel, right in front of us, we witnessed a car accident involving 3 yellow cabs - nothing major but still just weird. so happy to see jay! he had a big breakfast waiting for us.
after a lot of goofing around, we went to the highline park.
and check out the amazing view!
then went to chelsea market for some gelato and made a wish on the well.
we passed by the apple store and the line was so long like two blocks! had turkish food for lunch. and yes we took a cab home.
i had a blast!! tiring but oh so worth it. just wish i was able to take more photos. it's like impossible for me to let go of sophie's hand. love our pictures at the hotel. i think it is perfect for this week's mamma in focus.
one day at a time

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  1. What an adventure indeed! Such a cute outing to go see Daddy. I love the photo of Sophie looking out the window, so precious. xo


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